Need Help Finding Your IP Address and Staying Informed On IP Changes?

Introducing MyIPHelper
MyIPHelper is a revolutionary, time saving and accurate IP monitoring tool
  • Makes it ridiculously easy to know your current external and internal IP addresses
  • Keeps a detailed log of your past and present IP Addresses
  • Can easily notify you of IP Changes via email if you want.
  • Can be easily configured to send email, start programs or websites as IP changes
Are you tired of browsing the web to find your IP Address always?
Want to stay informed of IP changes?
Are you looking for your IP History?
Need a tool that has all these features combined in a user-friendly interface?

This Is Exactly What You Need! MyIPHelper

At last the revolutionary software that can help you solve your IP Address related issues right from your desktop without having to visit any site.
Due to the fact that most Internet Service Providers [ISPs] use dynamic IP addresses, your IP address can change frequently. This makes it tough to keep track of your current IP address at all times without visiting IP Address resource sites.

Introducing MYIPHelper

What Is MyIPHelper?

MyIPHelper is a revolutionary, cost effective and time saving software that helps you identify your IP address [internal and external], provides you with a history of IP addresses used [IP Log], notifies you of IP address changes via email, allows you to connect with your remote PC by providing the current IP address, allows you to start a program, visit a website, play a game or do whatever you want easily by providing current IP address details.

Before MYIPHelper

Before the introduction of this revolutionary software into the market, this was the average PC user's experience ?
Time Consuming Visits To IP Address Sites
You would need to visit "what is my IP address" sites to know what your IP address is every time.
Inaccurate IP Address Information
Outdated "What Is My IP" websites may provide inaccurate results due to browser caching.
No Way To Know Your IP Address History
There was no way to tell which IP address was used in the past. "Know your IP address" sites only provide information on your current IP address.
You could be accused of fraudulent transactions or visiting certain sites and there would be no way to prove your innocence.
Sporadic Access To Remote PCs
Accessing remote PCs can be tough if your IP addresses keep changing.

Now With MyIPHelper

You Can Know Your Current Internal And External IP Addresses At All Times Without Visiting Any IP Address Resource Site.
You Get Access To A Detailed IP Address Log Which Shows You A Record Of Your Past And Current IP Addresses - This is a unique service you can't get from any IP Address resource site.
With this IP Log feature, you will be able to avoid being accused wrongly of fraudulent transactions.
So if for any reason whatsoever you have issues with a particular transaction or are accused wrongly of visiting a site or ordering something online, you can find out what actually happened by checking your IP log against the records of the site making such claims.

Reliable And Accurate IP Address Information Always

Unlike "What Is My IP Address" sites that can become outdated or provide inaccurate results based on the fact that sometimes the websites are cached and loaded with previously viewed data, MyIPHelper provides accurate IP address information always. This is due to the fact that the software's operation is Operating System based and not website based.
Easy Access To Remote PCs
Because IP Addresses are constantly changing it could be pretty tough to connect remotely to PCs but with MYIPHelper this is a thing of the past as with MyIPHelper's notification functions you will always be aware of the current IP Address necessary to access your home or office PC remotely.

Basic Features Of MyIPHelper

  • Displays your External IP Address - this is the IP Address that is displayed to the whole world.
  • Displays your Internal Network IP Address for each of your network adapters. This is really very useful for users who are part of a network, or using a router.
  • Refresh or copy your Internal or External IP Address easily.
  • Get to automatically refresh your IP Address at intervals specified by you and be aware of your current IP address
  • Provides Email Notification, Website Notification and Program Notification. This simply means MyIPHelper can notify you remotely by email, send data to a website URL, or open a program with command line arguments whenever your IP Address changes!
  • Provides access to detailed IP Address History. MyIPHelper stores a log of current and past IP addresses.
  • Great for Remote PC, FTP, Web servers, Anywhere Anytime

Software is available in the following languages:

English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

OS Support

Works Perfectly With Windows and MAC.
Windows, Mac


  • Know Your IP Address
    Without Visiting Sites
  • Get Notified Via Email
    When Your IP Address Changes
  • Get Detailed Access To Your
    IP Address History
  • Great for Remote PC, FTP, Web servers, Anywhere Anytime
  • Connect To Online Game Servers Easily
  • Connect To Programs Remotely
  • Software runs perfectly on Windows and Mac